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The wine of "Rocailles"


   He stifled the wine in the bottle Rocailles
In luminée labels rosy
After a difficult gestation in the dark
He was eager to show all his faculties


Refreshing the throat of the winemaker slaving in his vineyard

Giving courage and strength malignant
By raising the tone in the taverns
With color and gaiety of the banquet tables
Dispersant to depress those daring and enthusiasm
Hunting in a colorful swirl sadness and sorrow
Dictating laws strange and joyous oaths
In the euphoria surrounding the saddest claptrap
Activant Names for unbridled orgies
For the more timid become emboldened

The wine "Beads" is the most divine magic

For if God created the sun, the sun, He created the wine.



Gilbert Durand

Les Rocailles: Vin de Savoie

Wine has always been part of the social and cultural history of our country, the wines of Savoie are no exception to this relationship. How many of us always keep them warm at night after a day of skiing, with a nice meal typically Savoyard. 

It is installed at the foot of mountains in the heart of the vineyards of Savoie wines as Domaine des Rocailles has passionately the delicate work of wine with a full range of Vins de Savoie, to the delight of lovers of quality.
For each of our wines of Savoy you discover a touch of originality and character of its own, combining tradition and modernity.

Tasting our Wines of Savoy, is not just for professionals and connoisseurs, learn to appreciate and serve a wine is for everyone, that is why you find the portrait of each of our wines of Savoy by individual record.
As a bonus, we wanted to share with you our best suggestions and harmonies between gourmet food and wines of Savoy, easy to implement.

Remember that share a Vin de Savoie, share it with pleasure and enthusiasm the work of his vineyard.